Making Safeguarding Personal

Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) is a national approach to promote responses to safeguarding situations that enhances involvement, choice and control as well as improving quality of life, wellbeing and safety.

It is about seeing people as experts in their own lives and working alongside them to identify the outcomes they want, with the aim of enabling them to resolve their circumstances and support their recovery.

The MSP Practice Toolkit, produced by the Local Government Association (LGA) outlines an approach to the effective application of safeguarding.

The MSP Case Studies produced by the LGA illustrate outcome-focused practice in line with the MSP approach. Myths and realities of MSP.

This LGA briefing, published in November 2019, emphasises that MSP is not just about safeguarding practice, but also about prevention, and strategic as well as operational safeguarding.

We work together with our Safeguarding Ambassadors in the communities of Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster to ensure that Making Safeguarding Personal is a core objective running through the safeguarding adults board’s strategic plan.

Safeguarding Ambassadors

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