Who is at Risk

Adult abuse can happen to anyone who is over 18.

However, adults may be at ‘greater risk’ of abuse and neglect:

  • If they have a physical, mental, sensory, learning or cognitive illness or disability
  • Linked to above – if they need assistance with everyday tasks
  • If they rely on others for some kind of social care or health support
  • If they are in receipt of care purchased or funded through: Personal budgets, Local Authorities and/or Health Services, By themselves
  • If they are informal carers, family and friends who provide care on an unpaid basis

Where Does Abuse Occur?

Abuse can occur anywhere.

Examples include:

Care homes

Day centres

Hospitals and health services

In a carer’s home

In your own home (including online)

Public spaces

Supported living arrangements

Work, college or university

Don’t Ignore It. Report It!

If you suspect a neighbour, friend or family member is being neglected or abused, or you need help yourself:
Report it to the relevant Local Authority or Police.